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Lower Your Basement Floor

Buying a larger home is very expensive in The Greater Toronto Area. But, if you want to make your current home larger, Pour Concrete can help you with it. The reputed concrete contractor will help you in adding space to your basement and provide you with an opportunity to use it optimally.

Why is Lowering Basement Floor a Good Option for Home Owners?

Most old homes were built with a less-functional basement that only served the purpose of storage and laundry. If you are troubled by a cramped basement with a shorter height than the rest of the floors, basement lowering can help you. It is useful in the following ways:

  • It increases living space
  • It corrects a structural issue
  • It strengthens the concrete foundation
  • It enables you to add floors
  • It aids you to build a basement apartment for rental purposes

Why choose Pour Concrete for Lowering your Basement Floor?

  • WSIB covered and insured crew
  • Free basement lowering estimate
  • Guarantee of work
  • On-time completion of work
  • Budget-friendly services

How can Pour Concrete lower my Basement Floor?

Pour Concrete is an expert basement lowering contractor in Greater Toronto Area. Our qualified and experienced engineer will review your home and suggest you any one of the following or a combination of both the basement lowering techniques:

  • Underpinning

If it is possible to dig under the current foundation in order to create a new foundation, underpinning is an ideal option. The technique is worth its cost because it doesn’t reduce the square footage area. Read moreBench-footing - Benching

  • Bench-footing or Benching

If you do not want to excavate under the footing or if the concrete foundation of your home is not strong enough to survive an excavation, the bench-footing technique is suggested by Pour Concrete. It is less time-consuming and cheaper than underpinning. Read more… Pour Concrete not only helps you to lower your basement floor but it also provides restoration to old and historical buildings of the Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for someone with wide experience of restoring walls, doors, windows or facades, you can trust Pour Concrete for excellent workmanship. Read more… Pour Concrete is the ideal full-service company for lowering your basement floor in Greater Toronto Area. Call us on 647-368-6206 or obtain an online free estimate today and get ready to give your basement a brand new and comfortable look.

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