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Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing Service

No water, no Life!

Even though water is essential for sustenance of life, it is harmful for our home. As a homeowner, you may be troubled by damp, leaking or wet basement. If you are facing such a problem, hire Pour Concrete’s expert basement waterproofing services. The company ensures a proper exterior basement waterproofing job with the following benefits:

  • Ensures the structural strength of the foundation wall
  • Prevents deterioration of your home
  • Saves from expensive foundation repair
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Protects your interior finishes and furniture

Exterior Basement Waterproofing to protect your Home from Outside

As exterior waterproofing involves excavation around your house, it is important that you choose someone with experience. Pour Concrete has been in the waterproofing business for years and has protected the structural integrity many homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Pour Concrete is a general contractor that specializes in external waterproofing. We do not cut corners while providing protection to your home. We follow a meticulous process of excavation and use several precautionary measures. Here’s how we waterproof your home from the outside:

  • We prepare the site by determining the place to pile castings and construction material such as gravel, machinery, etc.
  • We excavate the site by hand or machine depending on site access and conditions
  • After exposing the foundation wall, we check it for cracks.
  • We use high quality hydraulic cement to take care of cracks.
  • Liquid rubber is applied to provide protection to the foundation.
  • We use dimpled drainage membrane to avoid severe basement flooding.
  • We install weeping tiles and connect it to the foundation drain.
  • We use superior filter fabric to cover the gravel that is used for protecting weeping tile.
  • Afterwards, we conduct a complete clean-up to ensure your home looks the same way as it was before we began our work.

Pour Concrete goes the extra mile in providing a clean, dry and healthy home for your family. Our efficient service and excellent workmanship ensure long-lasting results and make us a popular exterior basement waterproofing contractor of Greater Toronto Area.

You can call on 647-368-6206 or inquire online to obtain a free estimate for waterproofing the exterior of your home.

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